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Submergence (2017)


Director : Wim Wenders

Stars : Alicia Vikander, James McAvoy, Alexander Siddig

IMDB Rating : 5.8

Genre : Drama | Romance | Thriller

Release Date : 13 April 2018

Submergence :- Watch . Submergence on,I watched it at Göteborg film festival som days ago. I really wanted to like this but its just didnt click for me.The actors fail to sell the love story, they dont connect on the screen and that technobabble from Alicia Vikanders character doesnt make it better.Two parallell stories at once. For this to work the love story need to be sold, but it just doesnt work. I dont belive it when the main characters get outburst, the reaction feels to theatric and it becomes a make belive reaction for show.To really make the terrorist look bad and evil they put in things that just oversell the evilness of the terrorist. Yes I get it, they are the badguys but it becomes a bit to much.Sorry. I really wanted to enjoy this but it didnt work for me.

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