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Ready Player One (2017)


Director: Steven Spielberg

Stars : Letitia Wright, Olivia Cooke, Hannah John-Kamen

IMDB Rating : 8.8

Genre : Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi

Release Date : 29 March 2018

Ready Player One :- Watch . Ready Player One on,As a guy who ‘ve read the book a few times i had my expectations in reserve, the book obviously can t be 100 % trasnfered on the big screen. Well, my expectations have been more than surpassed.Visually it s a treet, the story although having some changes (entirely understandable ) was more than i was expected, and of course you can see the Spielberg mark all over . I highly recommand to go see it even if you wont get all the pop culture references, speaking for myself i was thoroughly entertained.I doubt the film will win any oscars and I think more critical audiences will undoubtedly find problems, but if you want a fun time at the theater this is a must see. I had my doubts after watching the trailers, but in my opinion, this is the best film Spielberg has made in over a decade. Ready Player One reminded of what makes Spielberg so great: MOVIE MAGIC. And that same magic fills the auditorium, grabs hold of the audience, and thrusts them into this truly marvelous world he and his crew have brought to life. Seriously, one of the top three theater experiences I’ve ever had. I can’t stress this enough: You have to see this in the theater! On the biggest screen you can find!

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