Piranhas (2019)

PiranhasPiranhas (2019)


Director : Claudio Giovannesi

Stars : Francesco Di Napoli, Viviana Aprea, Mattia Piano Del Balzo

IMDB Rating : 6.6

Genre : Crime | Drama

Release Date : 02 Aug 2019

Piranhas :- Watch Piranhas on putlockerwatch.com, LA PARANZA DEI BAMBINI, based on an eponymous book by Roberto Saviano, is a good film. It is credible, direction is competent and assured, acting is of the highest order – especially by young lead Francesco di Napoli – but ultimately it is yet another Mafia-related flick, like so many Italian cinema has produced since the start of the new millennium, including SUBURRA, GOMORRA, ANIME NERE, and TV series like GOMORRA.Despite its obvious quality, we have seen it all before. It has a good message, too: the young criminal played by di Napoli ends the film knowing that he is in a straightjacket, that the death of his kid brother is just the start of his own end. It is as inevitable as fate dictated by the gods of ancient Greece. In fact, an old man tells di Napoli and his crew early on that they were heading for a tragic end.

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