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Palm SwingsPalm Swings (2017)


Director : Sean Hoessli

Stars : Jason Lewis, Tia Carrere, Sugar Lyn Beard

IMDB Rating : 6.0

Genre : Comedy | Drama | Romance

Release Date : 03 Oct 2017

Palm Swings :- Watch Palm Swings on,Palm Swings is a movie starring Jason Lewis, Tia Carrere, and Sugar Lyn Beard. After moving to Palm Springs, a young married couple puts their love to the test when they discover their neighbors are swingers.Movies such as this seem to focus on either audience members who are familiar with the topic or those who are curious. Much like the characters, viewers may be excited to see what really goes on or try to get a peak into a world that’s becoming less and less taboo. This film provides both types a good ride for the first half, but then it takes a hard turn. If you’re looking for an entertaining, late night Skinamax movie to fall asleep to (in 45 minutes or less), then it’s perfect, because the second half sucks the air out of the room. Still, I’ve watched it twice and here’s my breakdown:The female characters in this movie are sexy, smart, playful and honest. With the exception of the male lead, the male characters are something from the 1970s and painted as playful as a lion stalking its prey. There are some good laughs and the production quality is good, but the sets are something I’d expect in an Austin Powers movie where it’s supposed to be funny!The lead actors do a nice, believable job and they come off as a real couple that you just adore. The primary supporting female actor (D Farr) is the most mature (in a good way) and well balanced of the group. She really keeps the subject matter grounded, despite being surround by guys in shirts unbuttoned to their stomachs. She is sexy, smart and acts exactly like a seasoned lifestyler, complete with all the correct terminology.

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