Nativity Rocks! (2018)

Rates : 0

Nativity Rocks!Nativity Rocks! (2018)


Director : Debbie Isitt

Stars : Simon Lipkin, Craig Revel Horwood, Daniel Boys

IMDB Rating : 4.1

Genre : DRAMA

Release Date : 23 Nov 2019

Nativity Rocks! :- Watch Nativity Rocks! on, Why are there so many bloody sequels to Nativity? The first one is justified to exist as just another mediocre Christmas movie with a bit of charm, but I have no clue why the hell they’ve made 3 SEQUELS. Especially when these movies earn almost nothing at the box office and are only ever popular in the UK, and even THEN the numbers are disappointing. These movies only exist to cash in on some poor grandparents who want to take their kids to see a movie for Christmas. Why not watch something ”Christmassy” with actual effort placed into it like Arthur Christmas or the stop-motion Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer movie? Nearly anything besides the Santa Claus movies is better than Nativity. This movie is just like every other movie in this “franchise”: Terrible writing, acting and just about everything. Please stop seeing these movies, because even a single penny will keep them around for longer.


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