Killers Anonymous (2019)

Killers AnonymousKillers Anonymous (2019)


Director : Martin Owen

Stars : Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba, David Alexander

IMDB Rating : 6.3

Genre : Action | Crime | Mystery

Release Date : 28 June 2019

Killers Anonymous :- Watch Killers Anonymous on,Without a doubt the worst movie I have seen with Gary Oldman in it (innit). It’s getting harder and harder to find films worth watching these days. Film making has gone down the same rotten road as music unfortunatelyJessica Alba was in it for what, 3 minutes? LOL. The rest of the movie is basically a one room shot of a self-help group circle jerk with all sorts of weird unrealistic nonsensical goings on just to fill time. It’s uninteresting and just plain boring as can be. It becomes unbearable. The 3 people featured on the poster are better than this.. no way it deserves more than a 3 star rating

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