Killer Sofa (2019)

Rates : 0

Killer Sofa (2019)


Director : Bernie Rao

Stars : Harley Neville, Jim Baltaxe, Hamish Boyle

IMDB Rating : 5.9

Genre : Horror | Comedy

Release Date : 1 oct 2018

Killer Sofa :- Watch Killer Sofa on, Well, growing up with demonized items on film, this is some of the lamest ive seen of the kind. it seems like sofa is a question of definition. to me a sofa has 2 or more seats, in the film its a large armchair with leg recliner, that has got some evil forces within. there are a lot of magic and voodoo mumbo jumbo, and some small special effects inbetween, not very impressiv but not hopelessly pointless eitherwaythe acting is on average, and the storyline and plot are very cliched, the grumpy old man wont be scared of this armchair compared to an imploding doublebed , or being swallowed by the matress gap in the middle of the act thats scarier i can tell you, so do it on a single matress or do strap the legs well before you embark, i forgot….

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