Hot Air (2018)

Hot Air Hot Air (2018)


Director : Frank Coraci

Stars : Neve Campbell, Taylor Russell, Steve Coogan

IMDB Rating : 8.0

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 23 aug 2019

Hot Air :- Watch Hot Air on,he parallels in Hot Air to our current administration are striking and painfully clear, making this a bold and courageous film. Surely there are plenty of people on the conservative right who will see their reflection in Steve Coogan’s character. The filmmakers knew this but were steadfast in making their proclamation to the world about their beliefs. In my mind that is entirely commendable and demonstrates integrity to the highest degree.At one point Neve’s character says, “They just want to see you burn the house down.” That’s exactly what I felt when Trump was elected. He’s not the only bad apple in Washington, there are tons more and I secretly hoped that he’d bring the entire regime–that which we call the Corporatocracy–down with him so we can start over from the beginning and build something that’s actually sustainable. Imo, Trump and every President in recent memory before him only served to uphold the antiquated systems that continue to divide the country. Trump is a morally bankrupt figurehead–that much is obvious. But his antics are a mere distraction from the real problem of the ever-burgeoning health and income inequality. And everyone seems to take the bait every time he feeds it to the media.

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