Camp Wedding (2019)

Camp WeddingCamp Wedding (2019)


Director : Greg Emetaz

Stars : Kelley Gates, Sean Hankinson, Cadden Jones

IMDB Rating : 8.0

Genre : Comedy | Horror | Mystery

Release Date : 8 March 2019

Camp Wedding :- Watch Camp Wedding on,Really enjoyed watching this film! It was a fun romp and captured the spirit of independent cinema. Tons of heart in it… It’s easy to tell that someone who loves horror films made this with their own signature take. Job well done!I’m willing to bet dollars to pennies that these other reviews were bought and paid for by people tied to the movie. This film was one of the lowest of low budget trashterpieces I’ve seen in a good decade. The practical effects look like someone fired the makeup artist and just sent one of the interns on a Dollar Tree run and gave them a promotion for a few hours. The acting was so ridiculously thespian that I was waiting for the house lights to come on mid-film. And the editing…why do low budget films feel the need to hang onto long dialog pauses? Edit that stuff out and move to the next line and/or scene already. The humor had a few small puns that exerted a snide chuckle here and there but it was mostly sophomoric at best; we’re talking freshmen level National Lampoon here. Don’t get bamboozled, folks.

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