Behind the Bullet (2019)

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Behind the BulletBehind the Bullet (2019)


Director : Heidi Yewman

Stars : Daron Dwyer, Taylor Dwyer, Kevin Leonard

IMDB Rating : 5.9

Genre : Documentary

Release Date : 25 jan 2019

Behind the Bullet :- Watch Behind the Bullet on, IEvery year, thousands of people are killed by guns in America. Each shooting devastates and forever changes the victim’s family and friends. Behind the Bullet explores a side of gun violence that’s rarely talked about – the impact a shooting has on the shooter. Four individuals share how the pull of a trigger changed them emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. They describe the conflicting emotions and moral injury that comes after a self-defense, accidental, or unintentional shooting, offering a new and unbiased perspective on gun violence.
An in-depth look at four individuals who have pulled the trigger and the profound impact it’s had on their lives.

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