Automation (2019)

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Automation (2019)


Director : Garo Setian

Stars : Elissa Dowling, Sadie Katz, Parry Shen

IMDB Rating : 7.6

Genre : Sci-Fi

Release Date : 10 Aug 2019

Automation :- Watch Automation on, Good movie, with good actors and story. I was totally entertained and found this to be a pleasant diversion on a Wednesday night. Latino actors are very accomplished and know how to project well. Loved them all.A wannabe bride seeks professional help to find a husband and, in the process, finds herself.A workplace robot, AUTO, transforms into a killing machine when he discovers he will be replaced by a more efficient model. AUTO fears being terminated and will stop at nothing to prevent his own destruction. The human employees must band together to stop him before it’s too late.

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