Arrow Season 8 Episode 6

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Arrow Season 8 Episode 6 ‘Reset ‘


Director: David Ramsey

Stars : Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Rick Gonzalez

Genre: Crime | Action | Adventure

IMDB Rating: 9.2

Release: 26 nov 2019 (Usa)

Arrow Season 8 Episode 6 :- Watch Arrow Season 8 Episode 6 on Arrow veteran, David Ramsey is the one that directed this fine episode, it’s a great one! It’s a filler though, but it fills the gap with Quentin which is fantasticly played by Paul Blackthorne as he died in a previous season, it feels great to have him back as a main character for one episode. This episode has similarities from the Legends of Tomorrow episode which also had a time loop but it works in Arrow because of The Monitor. It’s an entertaining episode but far from as good as the others. It’s still an amazing episode!
Fight choreography was on point, showing off Green Arrow’s gadgets and it was entertaining plus the shot in one take made it so much better, it was action packed. What comes after this episode will probably be incredible, I can’t wait!

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