Adopt a Highway

Rates : 0

Adopt a Highway (2019)


Director : Logan Marshall-Green

Stars : Elaine Hendrix, Ethan Hawke, Chris Sullivan

IMDB Rating : 4.1

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 01 NOV 2019

Adopt a Highway :- Watch Adopt a Highway on, I read a bit about this movie and viewed a small trailer…looked forward to watching it….I could hardly wait.
It was terrible. The acting was good, of course….as Ethan is one of the best. However, it doesn’t count when the story is so unbelievable. There are just too many disconnects…from the beginning to the end. The only way it would make a bit of sense is if the character Ethan portrays had a lobotomy while in prison…and we know he didn’t.

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